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The wide variety of outdoor activities available in the Sportsman’s Paradise, the French heritage and culture of Cajun Country, or the energy and creative livelihood of Greater New Orleans, Louisiana truly is a one of a kind place.

The distinctive culture of Louisiana is renowned throughout the world, making it a favorite vacation and relocation destination for many. The diversity of Louisiana, stemming from its historical roots of French, Spanish, African American and Native American heritage, is apparent in its unique cultural facets: the music of the region, the culinary traditions of creole and Cajun cooking, and the rich history of southern art and literature.

With rich natural resources and a landscape like no other, Louisiana is home to 22 state parks, 17 state historic sites and one state preservation area. From the swamps of Acadiana to the shorelines of the Gulf Coast region, Louisiana is a state with unsurpassed natural beauty.

The state capital, Baton Rouge, is a short trip from LOOP headquarters. Home to Louisiana State University, the flagship institution of the state of Louisiana since 1860, LSU has served the people of Louisiana, the region, the nation, and the world through extensive, multipurpose programs encompassing instruction, research, and public service.

While in Louisiana, visitors often travel to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, you can access 62 miles of scenic shoreline including the world's longest (26 miles) man-made beach. In addition to traditional coastal activities, visitors of the Mississippi Gulf Coast can also enjoy world-class golf courses, family entertainment like the Family Fun Center in Biloxi and Barnacle Bill's in Waveland, artistic and historical museums, local seafood restaurants and 24-hour gaming at one of the coast's casino resorts.

LOOP operations are based out of Galliano, Louisiana, located in Lafourche Parish and the Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux metropolitan area. In the area, there are a variety of parks and recreational activities, and many families reside in the surrounding communities.


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