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  • Date Posted: April 05, 2018


    Location: COVINGTON, LA

    Job Description
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    Job Description:
    LOOP LLC (Louisiana Offshore Oil Port) has an immediate opening for a Utility Technician. This position will be assigned LOOP’s Marine Terminal located in the Gulf of Mexico and will report to the Supervisor of Offshore Operations; working a 7/7 shift.
    Under direct supervision, maintains equipment in proper operating condition by maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, installing, assembling, disassembling systems, equipment, and components so that they are available and operable.   Monitors and operates pipelines, caverns, storage tanks and associated equipment to ensure system integrity for proper oil movement. This is an entry-level trainee. 
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    • Assists in continuous monitoring, operating, inspecting, and testing of all equipment, pipelines and measurement systems.
    • Identify abnormal or emergency situations and take immediate necessary corrective action such as firefighting, oil spill containment, rescue, HazMat, first aid, confined space, etc., to minimize the possibility of damage to life and property. 
    • May operate specialized equipment including, but not limited to mobile cranes, man-lifts, forklifts, heavy-duty trucks, and boats. 
    • Assist in PM execution
    • Assists in tag and Lockout of various equipment and piping, issues permits.
    • Conducts pulling and loading of prover spheres and pigs.
    • Assists in inspecting and pulling of meter strainers.
    • Enters data into MCS and SCADA systems.
    • Assists in performance of maintenance on equipment and instruments as needed to maximize equipment availability.
    • Records equipment repairs, history, and replacements in the LOOP Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
    • Conducts sampling of crude.
    • Assists Oil Movement Controllers, Operations Technicians and Maintenance Technicians as needed.
    • Assists in continuous proactive maintenance (electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation) on all equipment and devices, to ensure maximum availability to oil movements.
    • Performs emergency repairs to limit and/or minimize interruptions to LOOP and its customers.
    • Monitors, troubleshoots, and analyzes potential problem areas.
    • Performs non-routine maintenance to such equipment and processes as air conditioning, high voltage repairs, and testing; pump, valve, and actuator repairs, including, alignment, bearing, and seal repairs; cavern testing and monitoring; hydrostatic testing; environmental monitoring; modifying and improving existing equipment; measurement equipment; turbine generator; storage tanks, and other unique devices.
    • Identifies, locates, and purchases spare parts and/or supplies in the most cost effective and timely manner. 
    • Performs and maintains general housekeeping of work area including office, lab, building, vehicles, machinery, and boats.   
    • Maintain required levels of training and certification according to LOOP and OSHA Standards.
    • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of and strictly adheres to LOOP safety requirements.
    Safety Management System Responsibilities:
    Follow the procedures set forth by the organization.
                                                                        Identify and reveal risks to management.
     Identify improvements to safety processes and procedures, considering fellow employees, contract personnel, and the public when addressing an abnormal condition or nonconforming process or procedure.
    Be mindful of cascading failures early on and take action to prevent a catastrophic event.
    Education:  Associates of Arts (A.A.) degree or technical certificate in related field preferred. 
    Experience: Minimum three (3) years prior experience in and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience required.
    Licensure/Certification: None
    Supervisory Responsibilities: None
    Required Competencies: These competencies are essential in successful completion of all facets of this role.
    • Accountability- Conscientious and diligent in performing tasks. Completes assigned work on time. Focused on high quality, error-free performance.  Honestly acknowledges mistakes and is committed to improvement.
    • Customer Connectivity- Recognizes and understands the needs of internal and external customers.  Makes every effort to deliver required products or service, on time, free of errors. Explains in advance if commitments cannot be met, provides reasons and offers alternatives where possible.
    • Shared Mindset- Seeks information and clarity on Company’s strategy and vision.  Understands his/her role in helping the Company achieve its vision and performs all duties and tasks with commitment to vision of Grow-Excel-Sustain.
    • Teamwork/Collaboration-Willingly works with others to complete assigned tasks. Solicits and provides input and feedback of co-workers.  Welcomes newcomers, openly shares information and past lessons learned.  Puts the success of the crew or team ahead of personal desires.
    • Communication- Communicates well both verbally and in writing, creates accurate and punctual reports, delivers presentations, shares information and ideas with others, has good listening skills.
    • Job Knowledge- Understands duties and responsibilities, has necessary job knowledge, has necessary technical skills, understands company mission/values, keeps job knowledge current, is in command of critical issues.
    • Problem Solving/Analysis- Breaks down problems into smaller components, understands underlying issues, can simplify and process complex issues, understands the difference between critical details and unimportant facts.
    • Technical Skills- Understands specialty equipment, keeps knowledge up-to-date, is a technical resource for others, follows technology practices and standards.
    • Productivity- Manages a fair workload, volunteers for additional work, prioritizes tasks, develops good work procedures, manages time well, handles information flow.
    • Safety & Environmental- Promotes mutual respect, keeps workplace clean and safe, supports Company safety and environmental programs through observation of safety and environmental procedures and taking appropriate action to report observation of potentially unsafe conditions.

    LOOP LLC offers a competitive benefits package including medical, dental, life and disability insurance, as well as both a pension and 401(k) Savings Plan.