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To maximize safety in its operations, LOOP adheres to a strict preventive maintenance program. This program includes scheduled rigorous inspections, testing and replacement of parts to prevent mechanical failure. All maintenance jobs are performed by qualified workers with close supervision.

The LOOP Security Command Center features 24/7 manned video monitoring of all LOOP locations. In addition, offshore operators walk the Marine Terminal to inspect the operational safety of equipment every four hours.

LOOP maintains a vigorous safety program when tankers come into port. Upon boarding a tanker, LOOP Mooring Masters discuss and review LOOP's safety requirements and procedures with the tanker's Master and Chief Officer prior to discharging cargo. Coast Guard Inspectors board all foreign vessels at least annually to ensure compliance with applicable federal regulations.

LOOP possesses a federal license to operate under the jurisdiction of the United States Coast Guard; its State license is issued by the Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority (LOTA).

Additional safety features implemented by LOOP:

  • Emergency shutdown signals to tankers
  • Hose burst pressure testing
  • An expanded port Safety Zone
  • An emergency response vessel (the LOOP Responder)

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