LOOP LLC Distribution Connectivity Pipeline
LOOP LLC Distribution Plant
LOOP Distribution Pipe Plant

LOOP Connectivity

Major refineries producing petroleum products that power our cars, fly our planes, heat our homes, and fuel our factories receive their feedstock supply from LOOP.
The Clovelly Hub distributes crude oil to connected refineries through the CAM pipeline, Clovelly to Norco pipeline, and the LOCAP pipeline. The LOCAP pipeline transports crude oil from the Clovelly Hub to St. James, LA, supplying several Louisiana refineries and making a connection to Capline for distribution to refineries in the Midwest.      
LOOP has direct access to the following refineries in Southeast Louisiana which represent a refining capacity of over 1.1 million barrels (175,000 m3) per day.
  • PBF Chalmette Refinery
  • Motiva Norco
  • Phillips 66 Alliance
  • Shell St. Rose
  • Valero Meraux
  • Valero St. Charles

LOOP Clovelly Hub Connecting Carriers