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LOOP Business Integrity
LOOP Business Integrity

Business Integrity

Message from the President

At LOOP our mission is to link world energy producers with America’s refineries by receiving, storing and delivering unsurpassed volumes of crude oil with preeminent reliability, efficiency and customer optionality.  We strive to carry out our mission by following our guiding principles, which include incorporating integrity and ethics in all aspects of business. LOOP plays a key role in meeting U.S. daily energy needs, and over the last three decades, LOOP has handled more than 12 billion barrels (1.91 billion m3) of foreign and domestic crude oil. This could not be possible without LOOP’s commitment to its people, community and environment.  Help us to maintain our upstanding business culture by speaking up about anything you see or hear that may not align with our Company values. Reports and questions received through the LOOP Ethics and Business Integrity Portal will be passed to the appropriate persons within LOOP to ensure action and response.  You can be sure your report or question will be handled in a professional, confidential and timely manner.  Thank you for contributing to LOOP’s ethical business culture and our overall Company’s success.

Thank you,
Terry Coleman, President LOOP LLC

Report a concern or ask a question

To report a concern relating to violations of LOOP’s Code of Business Conduct or inconsistencies in ethical business practices, or to ask a question related to policies, procedures, or business conduct, please utilize the LOOP Ethics & Business Integrity Portal or dial domestically to (800) 831-6286.  For international reporting, please follow the instructions provided on the LOOP Ethics & Business Integrity Portal.

The LOOP Ethics & Business Integrity Portal is NOT a 911 or Emergency Service.  The information you submit via this service may not be reviewed immediately.  If you are facing a life-threatening emergency or believe you are facing the threat of imminent bodily harm, please contact your local police or emergency responders immediately.  If you are calling to report a pipeline leak or other environmental emergency, please call the LOOP emergency number 1-800-820-5667.